2022 Myzone MEP challenge schedule

By: Ben Hackney-Williams

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Creating a challenge within your community brings another level of engagement, motivation and reward for more people. Here's the upcoming 2022 Myzone MEP challenge schedule for the months ahead, with some ideas on how to replicate your own competitions to get everyone moving.

Phone with the Myzone app on an exercise bike

The 2022 Myzone MEP challenge schedule below is so that you have a heads up for the year ahead. These are global challenges for your members and other Myzone movers around the world.

However, they're most effective when combined with local challenges for your community specifically. If you’d like to speak more about embracing the opportunities Myzone challenges can bring for your community, please get in touch.

February 2022 MEP challenge: Start strong, stay strong.

For everyone that’s joined a gym or got back into a fitness regime, welcome to a movement of movement. This month is all about maintaining resolutions and keeping the motivation for positive change that makes a difference. What’s more, it’s also Heart Health month, and there’s no better way of looking after ours than rising to a challenge.

  • $10,000 in prizes for winners
  • 10 MZ-Switches for each winner’s facility

June 2022 MEP challenge: Half way point heroes.

Six months into the year it’s easy to lose focus. Let’s make sure we’ve got each other’s back. If you’re doing better than you expected, maybe expand your goals. If you’ve let it slip a little, reassess and come back stronger for the second half of 2022.

From here on out it’s all about supporting each other to achieve. Comment on more workouts in the app. Invite someone to work out with you. Spread positivity and inspire more people to move. You’ve got this. Together, we’re going to overcome any obstacle.

  •  $10,000 in prizes for winners
  • 10 MZ-Switches for each winner’s facility

September 2022 MEP challenge: Let's grow!

Better never stops, and we never stop learning. To celebrate every opportunity for personal growth, this month all you have to do is try something new. Book a Cardio Club session in the Myzone app or take the MZ-Fitness Test, trial a sport you’ve been interested in for ages, or ask your gym staff about that mystery bit of equipment you’ve never been able to figure out.

The more we mix up our way of moving, the more fun physical activity is over the long term. Whether you’re on the dip station, at the driving range or in the diving pool, challenge yourself to move in new ways.

  • $10,000 in prizes for winners
  • 10 MZ-Switches for each winner’s facility

December 2022 MEP challenge: Happy Holidays!

Whether your ideal winter is snuggled around a roaring fire watching the snow fall outside or feeling the sand in-between your toes as you barbecue on the beach, there’s never a better time for recovery and reflection than the holiday season. But we’re not quite done yet.

In one final push for 2022, we want you to finish strong and see out the year with a MEPfest of epic proportions. Earn the end of year celebration, spend time with your loved ones and give something back to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Happy holidays.

  • $10,000 in prizes for winners
  • 10 MZ-Switches for each winner’s facility
  • $5000 in donations to each winner’s chosen charity

Challenge your community to engage, motivate and reward more people.

The Myzone MEP challenges are most effective when clubs and operators replicate them at local level. For example, a gym might reward one person in 1300 MEPs pool, one person in the 2600 MEPs and one person in the 3600 MEPs pool.

Use these challenges to engage with your community, anywhere, for longer. Learn more about the Myzone club experience.

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