Your community's invited to our Myzone May Challenge

By: Ben Hackney-Williams

Every community loves a giveaway! Invite your members to win one of 50 MZ-Switch heart rate monitors for themselves, and five for your gym in our Myzone May Challenge: It's time to Switch.


The MZ-Switch is the world’s first heart rate monitor that you can wear on your chest, arm or wrist. Anyone can now track real time heart rate and effort to see thier data on-screen and move through the zones to earn MEPs (Myzone Effort Points). Wearable three ways, gym-goers simply switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on their choice of physical activity.

How can my gym members win a Switch heart rate monitor?

You know the drill. Myzone is heart rate training simplified. Earning 1300 MEPs in a month ties in with the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical activity.

Now it's time to double down on effort and energy. From May 1st, Myzone users simply need to follow the prompt to 'opt-in' on the Myzone app, earn 2600 MEPs and post a photo to Instagram or Facebook tagging @myzonemoves and telling us why they'd like to win a Myzone Switch.

Tell your club about the Myzone May Challenge and encourage members to get involved with these promotional assets.

Why are physical activity goals important?

We know that the Myzone community is made up of people with all kinds of abilities, from seasoned gym goers to people just starting out on their exercise journey. Whatever level your members are at, it's important that they're always putting the effort in to be the best they can be.

For this challenge, we've included stretch goals. Got regulars that want even more of a challenge? Anyone that beats their personal MEP record this month will be earning more chances to win. Participants' first raffle ticket will be awarded once they reach 2600 MEPs. An extra ticket will also be awarded for every 100 MEPs earned thereafter up to 5000 MEPs.

The MZ-Switch means that Myzone is for everyone, from the gym goers and heavy lifters to the dog walkers, the playful parents and the gardeners.

No purchase necessary. Terms & Conditions apply. Now get your members moving and wish them good luck!

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