Embody Fitness Case Study

Embody Fitness

Embody Fitness is an exclusive body and lifestyle transformation studio. Launched four years ago, the privately-owned business currently has studios in London and Dubai, and works in partnership with Intercontinental Hotel at the 02 to deliver personal training services. The company has plans to launch additional sites in the capital.

Chris Walton, director of personal training, explains how Embody Fitness is benefiting from its partnership with MYZONE®.


What does Embody Fitness offer?

Embody Fitness is a premium studio offering very structured and bespoke programming for clients. Our team are experts in personal training, nutrition, sports therapy and sports performance. We deliver results for our clients in a healthy and sustainable way. 


Who are your clients?

We attract all sorts of people from celebrities and elite athletes to city workers and mums returning to work. We have older and younger clients and an even split between male and females. We currently have 180 clients in London and run over 370 personal training sessions a week. Clients come to us because they are frustrated at not getting results elsewhere.


How did you implement MYZONE®?

We decided that it would only work if all clients were given a MYZONE® belt, so we have included MYZONE® in the package for all new members. Existing clients can buy a belt at cost price.

Some of our clients have been with us for a long time. We gave them a free belt and made them ambassadors for MYZONE®. It was the right decision. These clients are in the studio every week and other people saw them using MYZONE® and became interested in the product. They wanted to use MYZONE® too.


How is MYZONE® benefitting the business?

We have only been using MYZONE® for a couple of months, but it has already made a big difference to our business. We take programming very seriously. MYZONE® has helped to inform our programming, examine our sessions and see if our trainers are pushing clients as much as they should be. MYZONE® has also brought in a new level of accountability helping us to see if clients are fulfilling their session at the required intensity.

The technology has also helped to create a community feel in the studio. Our clients train one-on-one with a personal trainer three times a week. There’s always been a nice atmosphere in the studio, but MYZONE® has created a different environment. There’s much more interaction between the clients now; they follow each other online and chat about their MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) in the waiting area. We are not a cheap option and some clients leave once they get their results. I think MYZONE® and the environment it is creating will really help us with retention.


What do you like most about MYZONE®?

I’ve been in this industry for 20 years and have used a lot of different technology as part of my work with high performance athletes and sports professionals. The real genius of MYZONE® is its simplicity and the ability to objectively compare one session with another via MEPs. It really tells the truth behind the sessions and how hard people have trained. MYZONE® was recommended to me and I’d highly recommend it to others.


Any advice for other operators?

MYZONE® is not a money-making tool. It’s about retention, creating the right culture and environment in your facility and ultimately, about impacting results. If you want to take on MYZONE®, I believe you need to take an all or nothing approach. If you make it an option, you will only get a certain amount of take up among clients; you need to make MYZONE® part of what you do.

For more information on Embody Fitness, visit www.embodyfitness.co.uk

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