Inspire Fitness

Recent implementation of MYZONE's personal training heart rate monitor system to manage medical conditions has Inspire Fitness excited about their members future in health and fitness.

Inspire Fitness is a ladies-only club located in Chippenham. The facility aims to provide a friendly environment for its more than 200 members. Club manager Elaine Lill explains, “Lots of ladies don’t feel comfortable exercising in a mixed gym and many of the women referred by healthcare practitioners come to us with little or no confidence.”

The gym commonly treats exercise referral cases suffering from hypertension, joint replacements, bad backs, depression, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or obesity. The club decided to invest in MYZONE to help motivate these members and others to reach their health goals.

“Ladies-only gyms are often seen as somewhere that women go to meet their friends for a chat rather than a serious fitness facility. We wanted our members to get results and that’s only going to happen if they work hard. As a very small facility, we didn’t think we’d be able to afford MYZONE, but it was surprisingly good value for money,” says Lill.

MYZONE is the silent trainer many of their members look to for instant feedback. “We’ve found that people who aren’t used to being active find it hard to judge how much they should be doing and if they are exercising hard enough. This makes it hard to motivate them, but with MYZONE we are able to show them exactly what they’re doing in real time and whether they need to move faster or with more intensity.

It makes it so much easier to coach them. They see the tile on the screen and they just get it. In fact, often you don’t have to even push them; they know if they need to up their game,” says Lill. Members can monitor their activity on two MYZONE screens located in the circuit room, while a third screen in the reception allows the staff to follow members’ progress.

Lill concludes, “The MYZONE system is teaching our members what is effective in changing their bodies. We now have a tool that enables us to coach them specifically to reach their goals. Achieving personal bests aren’t medals to our ladies; for many it’s about living the best life they can without pain or disease.”

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