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Strenuous exercise can be dangerous for persons suffering from many medical conditions.

If you are in any doubt (and in any event if you are pregnant, or receiving medical treatment or medication) you should refrain from taking any such exercise – with or without your product – without first taking competent medical advice.

Your MYZONE belt is designed only as an aid to personal training / exercise. IT IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE. It cannot tell you what level of exercise is safe for you, or whether you are exerting yourself beyond your safe limits. You should therefore take particular care if you are undertaking exercise in a group / class environment and are following the instructions provided by a physical instructor or trainer. It is your responsibility to check your own medical condition before undertaking any exercise.

If chest pains or any other symptoms or discomfort are experienced when using the MYZONE belt, you should stop exercising immediately and seek medical attention. MYZONE personnel are not medically qualified, and MYZONE cannot and does not give medical advice.

IMPORTANT: MYZONE uses the Hunt's formula (HR MAX = 211 − (0.64 × age)) derived by Londeree and Moeschberger (University of Missouri) to establish your age-predicted maximum heart rate (HR MAX). This is based on population norms and is not accurate for everyone. Your HR MAX setting will be adjusted and increased if samples of your heart rate data indicate the formula could be inappropriate for you. However, the MYZONE system is not a replacement for an accurate heart rate test conducted by a trained professional. If you exercise and follow your level of effort depicted in a MYZONE color-coded tile you must always consider the warning above as your tile color and percentage of your HR MAX may be incorrect. Your facility can manually readjust your HR MAX setting for you.

The MYZONE belt must at all times be used in accordance with MYZONE product use & care instructions.

Operation and Use of the Myzone Belt:

To register a MYZONE belt you will require a facility code. If you have purchased your belt directly from MYZONE we will allocate a facility code to you. If you have not purchased your belt from MYZONE a facility code will be issued by the facility that supplied your belt. It should be noted that a belt cannot be transferred from one facility for use at another facility without the agreement of both facilities. You are responsible for obtaining and supplying MYZONE with confirmation of such agreement.

Although a MYZONE belt is capable of operating as a standalone device, if you wish to store data in your MYZONE account you will require a facility code and an online user account.

Belts can only be registered in respect of one facility or (at the discretion of the facility operator) one chain of associated facilities at any given time.

Product Support

You will need to register your MYZONE belt before you can use it. Registration will allow you to receive support for your MYZONE belt. You can find details of the support and warranty services at The support services offered may change over time – we recommend you check the support available by visiting from time to time. This does not affect your statutory rights.

To register your MYZONE belt, we will need to collect and store some personal information about you. All personal information we gather about you will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Different countries or states often have their own laws controlling the collection of personal information from children or young people online (for example, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA in the US) so, depending on your age, you may need a parent or legal guardian to provide their consent, or even to register your MYZONE belt for you.

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