Its all about accuracy.
Introducing the

The MZ-Bodyscan is a revolutionary feature offered to existing Myzone facilities. It takes a 360° view creating a 3D avatar and is a sophisticated way to view before and after images of your customer’s progression with visually stimulating results.










Technical requirements

• Ipad required version 11.4 or newer.
• New or existing iPad can be used - must be the model as specified here:
• It takes 16MB to download and 85MB installed, but more free storage on iPad the better (32GB is ideal).
• Download from App Store, and only runs on iPad.
• The scanner will be required to be purchased at a cost of $379.00 USD from handheld/products/occipital-structure-sensor-3d-scanner
• The scanner takes 1h30 mins from 0-100% charge.
• The scanner comes with a 30-day return policy and 1-month hardware warranty.
• The accuracy of the scanner can be found here: structure-sensors-technical-specifications
• Myzone will offer support for the MZ-Bodyscan app but not for the scanner.

Scanning requirements

• Scans are to only be carried out indoors and away from direct sunlight.
• For best results individuals should wear form-fitting clothing.
• Max. height of object able to be scanned is 2.5m, including any item being stood on.
• To perform a scan effectively it is advised that the individual stands on a platform approx. 50mm high, and places hands at their side, approx. 300mm away from body.
• Maximum height for standing platform is 500mm.
• Once a scan has been made, use the slider in the UI to trim the any standing platform from the resulting scan.



Buying the Scanner

• Simply follow the link once downloaded the app which will take you directly to the correct website to purchase the app or structure-sensor-3d-scanner-handheld/products/occipital-structure-sensor-3d-scanner
• From here you will select the relevant ipad you have to identify the correct bracket for the scanner and laso then select the scanner, place both in the basket, check out and pay.
• Once the scanner has been received you will need to calibrate it at the initial install.


Getting Started

• Download the Structure Sensor Calibrator App from the App Store. 
• If the scanner is not calibrated MZ-Bodyscan App will prompt you to do this when you first install. 
• Once calibrated you will need to log in with your Myzone registered email address and password, only Coach/Owner registered users can do this. 
• From here select your facility, if you are only registered to one then this one will be seen.



Learn more about how to use MZ-Bodyscan