Exercise is the best medicine to help improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Global MEPs Challenge to help you stay motivated, positive and connected. 

Myzone $25,000 USD Challenge - Work Out To Help Out Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Myzone October Challenge - Work Out To Help Out! We are delighted to announce that together we smashed over 660 million MEPs throughout October. It is great to see our Myzone Community being inspired to exercise to improve their own wellbeing while also joining our movement to help fight COVID-19. Congrats to our 10 lucky winners and their facilities!

kelly tabor
jaimelynn spaulding
Karen Graham
Dana Eccles
Allissa Rousselo
shannon ruffalo
nicole henderson
shane cottam
devon thorpe
Lynn Land

Kelly Tabor - Cowboys Fit

"I'm addicted to Myzone. The device and app is so powerful once you understand your own personal zones.  I have learned to embrace all of the zones with different workouts."

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Jaimelynn Spaulding - LizFit

"Myzone encourages me to meet goals."

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Karen Graham - Chicago Fit Performance 

"Myzone helps keep me accountable to myself and my goals.  I love that I can track the amount of work I put in across days, weeks and months so far.  I also really like to see the intensity levels across different types of exercises and workouts."

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Dana Eccles - Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - New Hope

"I heavily rely on Myzone to guide my workout when moving through the different zones of pushing my heart rate. It has been so gratifying to see my improvement on how I can create the peaks and valleys from high intensity to the relaxed state. Myzone provides that instant feedback that I am working at the right level."  

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Allissa Rousselo - Snap Fitness Shawnee

"My Myzone belt has helped me push harder in my workouts. When I hop up into the yellow and red zones I know I am meeting my potential. Being able to look at my calendar shows me how hard I've worked over the past week, month, year and in total. I love the accountability!"

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Shannon Ruffalo - Echelon Health & Fitness

"Myzone helps me see how my heart is working and knowing when I can push a little harder or when I need to give myself a little break."

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Nicole Henderson - LA Fitness Palm Beach Gardens

"Myzone has helped keep me motivated. Seeing the progress I'm making with Myzone keeps me on track with my goals and makes me want to keep going."

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Shane Cottam - Myzone UK

"My Myzone device has helped me stay motivated through gamification, keeping me fit.  It is also nice to see how much effort I have expressed during My workouts.  I am currently on platinum level, 12 months away from diamond, which helps keep me going when I really do not feel like working out."

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Devon Thorpe - Myzone UK

Lynn Land - Anytime Fitness New Orleans 


Myzone Challenges are administered and
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