Exercise is the best medicine to help improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Global MEPs Challenge to help you stay motivated, positive and connected. 

Myzone $25,000 USD Challenge - MEP for a good cause

As the current state of the world continues, it is natural for everyone to find themselves longing for some good news. That's why we are excited to announce our Myzone $25,000 USD MEPs Challenge: MEP for a good cause!

WHO | All Myzone users.

WHAT | Myzone $25,000 USD Challenge - MEP for a good cause, between 1st and 31st July 2020.

Simply earn 1300 MEPs throughout the month of July and be entered into a prize draw to win $500 for your chosen charity, $500 for yourself and 10 Myzone MZ-3 belts for your facility, with an RRP of $1,500. There will be ten winners, with a combined total value of $5,000 donations to charity, $5,000 prize fund for the winners and $15,000 Myzone MZ-3 belts for the member’s facilities.

WHERE | Exercise anywhere, you just need to wear your Myzone belt and upload your data.

WHEN | 1st – 31st July 2020.

HOW | To enter, simply follow the prompt to ‘opt-in’ to the Challenge when this is presented within the Myzone App.

WHY | We all know that exercise is the best medicine, to boost our physical, emotional and mental well-being, but did you know selflessness also has a direct correlation to increasing happiness? Every selfless act increases our sense of connectedness, decreases feelings of depression, loneliness, and anxiety whilst also improving our emotional resilience too. With many charitable fundraisers being forced to cancel events, charities need our support to help raise crucial funds. Together, let's earn some MEPs for a good cause.


Myzone Challenges are administered and
sponsored by Myzone Inc. No purchase necessary to enter or win*. 

*For July Challenge Terms & Conditions click here. 

May Global MEPs Challenge Winners 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the May Motivation Challenge! Together we smashed April's total with a whopping 608 Million MEPs earned throughout May, and we also shared over 426,000 photos across the globe! 

Through the power of exercise and technology, we have proven it is possible to remain socially connected. Together we've helped to spread hope, positivity, beauty, and happiness.

The results are in. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

Winner's Name Club Name Country
Nadine Bidgway Spartan Chamber United Kingdom
Claudia Galli-Graham Feelgood Grantham United Kingdom
Sharon McMahon Compound Fitness United Kingdom
Alisa Clancy Fit Code Bootcamp - Mokena United States
Jayden Shepard Body Fit Training - Kent Town Australia
Elisabeth Verruto 30 Minutes of Everything United States
Kim Shultz Comal Active United States
Jazz Ottaway Snap Fitness UK - Tonbridge United Kingdom
Jeremy Pugh Shape Training 2 United States 
Martin Stoehr Prime Time Fitness - Sachsenhausen Germany
Sean Maher David Lloyd - Worthing United Kingdom
Chelsea Unogu YMCA at City Market United States
Peter Lawson YMCA South Australia Australia
Richard Evans Bannatyne Health Club Cardiff United Kingdom
Ian Burden Anytime Fitness UK - Woking United Kingdom
Diana Schuette David Lloyd - Oxford United Kingdom
Claire Wilkinson Firehouse Fitness - Sheffield United Kingdom
James O’Neill K1 Fitness United Kingdom
Jill Hans Fit Body Boot Camp - Fern Creek United States
Annie Sallade Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex United States
Kevin McCluney Club Performax United States
Klaus-Dieter Welker Diez Arena Germany
Sam keen So Fit Bath  United Kingdom
steve hornsby David Lloyd - Bristol Long Ashton United Kingdom
Kuulei Lake 12RND - North Sydney Australia
Heather Clarkson DVCC - Bedford United Kingdom
James Murdoch The Foundry United Kingdom
Greg Bennett GoodLife Fitness - Ottawa Hazeldean Road Canada
Jhe Love Fitness First - SCS United Arab Emirates
Jo Whittingham Bannatyne Health Club Worksop United Kingdom
Michael Cook Bannatyne Health Club Mansfield United Kingdom
Kathy Ryan FitnessQuest 10 United States
Cara Smith Blue Moon Fitness - Omaha South United States
Tim Jones David Lloyd - Cardiff United Kingdom
Allison Sanderson Myzone UK United Kingdom
Mahmoud Al Kayal Fitness First - DMC United Arab Emirates
Bex  SOS Fitness United Kingdom
Alicia Boehnke Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping EP True United States
Lydia Evitt Bannatyne Health Club York United Kingdom
Ashley Rincker The Zone - Shelbyville United States
Katy Kokolus Our Team Fitness United States
Chris Orr Miramont by Genesis Health Clubs United States
Courtney Rogers New Albany Country Club United States
Robbie Linsell Paragon Fitness Studio United Kingdom
Helen Latta BodyCare Health Club Australia
Tres Fuller Allegro Coaching United States
Irma Saturnio P2P Transformation Center Pleasanton United States
Ina V Life Fitness Russia Russia
Mary Seager State of Fitness - Main United States
Fiona Jubb Coaching Zone Greensborough Australia
Debbie Welsh Village Gym - Cardiff United Kingdom
Crystal Sain Raw Fitness United States
Lynn Price Myzone US United States
Kristin Rydziel TFW - Bethel Connecticut United States
Tarryn Priest Voyage Fitness Pakenham Australia
Glenn Parry Halo Leisure - Leominster United Kingdom
Lara WILTSHIRE The Holbrook Club United Kingdom
Nichola Nguyen ESR (Wilmslow Leisure Centre) United Kingdom
Lewis JEFFREYS Thrive - Optimal Human United Kingdom
Verity Yarrow DVCC - Bedford United Kingdom
Mercedes Miklya Xperience Fitness - Woodbury United States
Brenna Perry Delta Life Fitness Oceanside United States
Tom McDonald Better Bodies - Silverlake United States
Angie Lomax JD Gyms United Kingdom
Cecilia Arredondo Hustle Fitness  United States
Patricia Petersen Vasa Fitness - Spanish Fork United States
Carina Wetterhall Myzone Sweden
Chris Cutts Eaton Elite Fitness United States
Alex Burns Viking Circle Fitness United Kingdom
Kevin Krigbaum Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - Brooklyn Park United States
Graham Carter Anytime Fitness UK - Aldershot United Kingdom
Rachel Maddison Myzone UK United Kingdom
Sarah Coy YourZone45 - Bingley United Kingdom
Bina Savla Transform 2 Fit United Kingdom
Paul Seehusen Mail-In POSTAL
Dana McLaren Xperience Fitness - West Allis United States
Melissa Curtin Healthtrax - Raleigh United States
Rick Roberts Anytime Fitness North Tampa United States
Hayley Carlisle David Lloyd - Farnham United Kingdom
Kenny Wright Carter Fitness Lab  United States
Charlotte Thomas The Foundry Bank United Kingdom
Tarendra Singh Myzone United Arab Emirates
Allison Swartz Mail-In POSTAL
Mia Manson-Bishop David Lloyd Leisure Clubs United Kingdom
Angela Dupont Drive Custom Fit United States
Paul Berman S.W.E.A.T 1000 Saudia Arabia
Jane Cochrane David Lloyd - Ipswich United Kingdom
Cori Wise M43 United States
Rachel Kalinowski CKO Center City Philly United States
Sally Gubbins Astley Sports Village United Kingdom
Michael Nickodem Treasure Valley - West Branch YMCA United States
Shawn Murray Vasa Fitness - Kaysville  United States
Anne Douglass Eclipse Spa & Fitness United States
Nancy Hebenstreit TFW Denver United States
Correen Demers Healthworks - Back Bay United States
Louise Huddart David Lloyd - Dartford United Kingdom
Martin Bather Village Gym - Warrington  United Kingdom
Tom Marshall Steel Revolution United States
Lisa Ross Cooper Fitness Center United States
Dawn Ingram Rebel Fit United States

Myzone Challenges are administered and
sponsored by Myzone Inc. No purchase necessary to enter or win*. 

*For May Challenge Terms & Conditions click here. 


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