Exercise is the best medicine to help improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Global MEPs Challenge to help you stay motivated, positive and connected. 

April Global MEPs Challenge Winners

Thanks to everyone who took part in the April Global US$10,000 MEPs Challenge. It was a huge success to help everyone stay motivated and together we crushed over 600 million MEPs! 

We are delighted to announce the lucky winners. You can read how the Challenge inspired them, their personal journey and what exercise has meant to them during COVID-19 below.  

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Helen Grant
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Amanda Heinold - CKO Tom Rivers

"My main driving force to make time for exercise is my need to feel better in my skin and to become healthy for my family. Becoming a winner is the greatest thing in compromised times like these."

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Jeremy Knihinicki - Countryfit Health and Fitness

"I honestly swear by my Myzone device. I have managed to adapt to not being at the gym by recycling an old bike to get it up and running again."

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Helen Grant - Unit 6 Fitness

"Exercising helps keep me mentally focused, so I have found that now as I am working from home, exercising in the morning before starting work helps me to concentrate and stay focused throughout the day."

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Lara Charge - Coaching Zone Warners Bay

"Exercise has become a way of life.  I said to myself a few years ago I was sick of the yo-yo dieting with my weight going up and down and made a commitment to stop that habit."

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Jodie Bowyer - 315 Health Club

"I try to maintain my exercise levels by not putting too much pressure on myself. If I tell myself I MUST exercise it doesn’t work, but if I tell myself I want to give myself a break, or some head space where I don’t need to think, then I’m more likely to do something positive for me." 

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Tazzie Eggins - Your Health and Fitness 

"Myzone holds me accountable for the effort I put in and does not let me hide if I’m slacking off. Even out running, the minute my heart rate comes down, my feet must go faster again to get back on track."

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Jill Dawson - Village Gym - Nottingham

"The Myzone belt is the encouragement I need to ensure I put the effort in. It would be so easy to just use the equipment, but by using the app I am held accountable for how hard I am working."

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Throughout the month of May, Myzone is running a Global MEPs challenge helping you to stay motivated, whilst also encouraging you to stay connected with your gym friends and trainers, no matter where you workout. Everyone that earns 1300 MEPs during May and attaches a photo to at least five workouts in the Myzone App will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win prizes with a combined total prize value of $10,000 USD. Selected at random, there are 100, $100 USD Amazon vouchers up for grabs.

Our Global MEPs challenge is designed to be fun, engaging, and ultimately help you to maintain the recommended levels of exercise.  During these extraordinary circumstances your usual routine may be compromised, so motivation levels may slip. Join us for the Challenge and choose determination over despair. Together we can conquer this one MEP at a time.

WHO: All Myzone users.

WHAT: Earn 1300 MEPs between 1st and 31st May and attach a photo to at least five workouts in the app to be entered into the prize draw. Click Here for a refresher on how to add a photo to your workout. There are 100, USD $100 Amazon vouchers up for grabs!

WHERE: Anywhere, you just need to wear your Myzone belt and upload your data.

WHEN: 1st to 31st May 2020.

HOW: To enter, simply follow the prompt to 'opt in' to the Challenge when this is presented within the Myzone App.

WHY: The Myzone Global MEPs Challenge in April was a huge success, so we're back again with some Myzone May Motivation. Can we work even harder to smash the total MEPs we earned in April? We all know that exercise is the best medicine, so let's keep moving and keep mepping. 

This challenge is administered and
sponsored by Myzone Inc. No purchase necessary to enter or win. 

*Terms & Conditions apply click here for further information. 





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Boost your physical, mental, and emotional well-being with our Master Trainer LIVE daily workouts on our Myzonemoves Facebook and Instagram pages, and crush your 1300 MEPs with us! Each workout will take place at 9:30am GMT and 3:00pm CST. Find the schedule below:

Monday: Lower Body + Core
Tuesday: Upper Body + Core
Wednesday: Recovery Workout
Thursday: Full Body
Friday: Cardio + Core

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