Myzone Releases a Significant App Update

The Myzone App has a planned update for July 1st, 2019. This update has many noticeable changes, all with the user and operator in mind.
The homepage on this improved platform now has two new tiles that allow users to upload their gym membership card and book a class directly. The new tiles will only show if the content is activated, meaning there is only a change to the app home page if the user chooses to utilize the latest app version, or is connected with a club that offers MZ-Book.

Clubs that use membership cards can forego the plastic, becoming more environmentally friendly, and utilize the Myzone app, creating an electronic version of the card. People always forget many things, but their phone is never one of them. With this new feature, members will no longer need to carry both. Not to mention, clubs now have a stronger reason to encourage members, even without a Myzone belt, to download the app and begin their Myzone journey.

With the release of this feature, Myzone is taking a step towards helping clubs make their facility a little bit “greener”. Eliminating physical membership cards not only saves clubs money but reduces plastic in the environment as well.

Clubs can contact their membership management system to arrange an import of data of their members to sync with the Myzone system, or members can action themselves via the Myzone homepage.

Myzone’s Global Marketing Director, Gemma Bonnett-Kolakowska says, “Myzone is constantly evolving with its new features. As we continue to develop, additional app improvements will frequently occur, ensuring a greater experience for the user and for clubs to engage and communicate more effectively with their members.”

If a club has MZ-Book activated, there is a Book a Class tile now showing on the app home screen. From here, clubs can encourage members to book more easily via the app. If you would like more information on how to activate MZ-Book, simply contact your account manager. MZ-Book is free and is part of the Myzone license fee.

Myzone has released other app updates as well, developed to ensure a better UI/UX. The Home feed has now evolved to be much faster and perform like all other social platforms. For example, rather than refreshing the search every single time, new moves will automatically pull down.

The inbox now has a chronological logic attached to it ensuring users no longer miss that MZ-Chat or comment ever again. The workout tile in the app has changed as well. Previously, a MEPs icon was next to the current MEPs count a user has achieved during a workout, however, this has now been replaced with an icon reflecting the user’s status level, helping to improve awareness of status rankings and encourage commitment and motivation to continue to keep striving and feeling good about exercise.

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