Myzone has recognized that clubs need to access Myzone assets, in one easy to use location.

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What does it contain?

The Home of Myzone will host all Myzone assets for clubs to easily access, this includes some exciting features

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When individuals register they can make the platform their own! You can pin, search and save content to keep your home of Myzone clean and relevant.

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You can locate all videos which are easily categorized to aid training and development for users; club owners and trainers.

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You can access all promotional material to make Myzone a success in your club.

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Using the ‘Create your own content’ section, you can create customized material for in club display.

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You can alter assets sizes, and formats so they can be downloaded in whatever suits your needs.

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You can access support, training and instructional documents.

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You can access all Myzone overview documentation so that you can easily learn or educate about specific features.

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You can access all of our image libraries, to utilize within your club.

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All content is shareable and downloadable.

How do I access this?

You can register for access at the following link,

Register here

The Home of Myzone is also accessible via the owner's dashboard, by selecting Marketing Portal.

The view the full playlist of the educational videos on how to use the Home of Myzone please visit here