Introducing MZ-Book


MZ-Book is your very own class booking application! It allows you to upload your class schedule directly into the Myzone app so your members can reserve a spot in any of your classes. Customers simply select the ‘booking icon’ in the top right hand corner, select their class of interest and book a space.

Tokens can also be added for programmes and money is then collected at the club, freeing up the use of payment cards on the app and allowing the club to control. 

MZ-Book offers a built in waiting list where push notifications are sent when a space becomes available, instructors can check in users and users can schedule in advance for their favourite classes.

The key feature when using MZ-Book is that trainers can connect directly through their Myzone profile and encourages clubs to promote belt sales. 

To utilize MZ-Book within a facility please contact you account manager or visit: