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Jo Jones began using MYZONE effort tracking nearly two years ago when she embarked on a journey to improve her overall health. Her journey started with her facility, BodyMBrace in Australia and MYZONE.

"Although there was no prerequisite to buy the (MYZONE) belt, nobody actually trains without it at BodyMBrace.” said Jones.

Through personal training, cardio, toning, HIIT workouts and MYZONE, Jo says she immediately began seeing positive results. Not only that, she noticed the MYZONE belt helped her stay motivated during her workouts. 

“I love MYZONE because it keeps me motivated in my training both in and outside of the gym,” she said, “it helps me adjust my effort levels by knowing when I need to work harder and then ease off–which is important when you’re trying to maximize your results.”

Since beginning her lifelong journey nearly 18 months ago, Jo has lost 50% of her overall body weight (60kgs). She credits that weight loss to both her personal trainer and the effort tracking abilities of her MYZONE belt.

“You just can’t achieve amazing results without it,” said Jo.

Although, Jo is the first to tell you she was not on this fitness journey alone.

“I’ve actually gone out and purchased belts for my husband and friends,” said Jo.

She had a strong support team with her personal trainers and her husband. Her husband followed her on her fitness journey and lost a total of 18 kgs (40 pounds) thus far.

“We like to call them the power couple,” said BodyMBrace in a Facebook post.

Jo says she looks forward to continuing her fitness journey, with the help of a product she loves–MYZONE.

“MYZONE is an easy, visual way of tracking effort. It’s simple yet so effective. The more you exercise, the more MEPS you get–it’s that easy!” said Jo.

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