Jacqueline Ann Fitzpatrick

MYZONE has helped Jacqueline Ann Fitzpatrick to overhaul her health and fitness after a serious illness forced her to take stock.

Two years ago, Jacqueline stopped breathing after a bout of ill-health. She was resuscitated, but the experience left its mark.

“It completely changed my outlook on life. I was a lazy person, but I knew I had to do something about my health,” she says.

The 40-year-old office worker from Southampton led a very sedentary life, spending most of her day sitting behind a desk.

In a bid to lose weight, Jacqueline joined a Slimming World class at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre and also started using the gym. Here she was introduced to the MYZONE system.

“Before using MYZONE, my routine was ok but I didn’t push myself hard enough. It’s a different story now. I’m a very visual person; so MYZONE is a great motivational tool for me.  I like being able to see how hard I work and the number of calories I’ve burned. I also try to spend more time in the red zones to burn more calories and increase my MEPS,” she says.

The combination of Slimming World and the effort-tracking accuracy of the MYZONE system has helped Jacqueline shed more than three and a half stone (22kgs) in weight.

“I know that the exercise and MYZONE has contributed to this. I still sit down all day at work, but I now go to the gym from Monday to Friday, and sometimes even at the weekend. I was only going two, maybe three times a week before using MYZONE, now I won’t go to the gym without it.”

“I’m the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been. There is still weight that I need to shift but overall I feel wonderful."

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