Embracing physical activity for the family

By: Ben Hackney-Williams

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Physical activity for the familyThrough movement, personal growth and using Myzone, Dana Eccles wants to be as healthy as possible when he becomes a grandparent.

A member of Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping's New Hope location in the USA, Dana explains why he needs a community of fitness and physical activity fans around him, and how he's embraced fitness for the longevity to support his growing family.


A community embracing the competitive edge.

“While in lockdown, I struggled staying motivated. I need my gym partners to help me. Since I am a competitive person, I looked to joining the challenges my gym introduced to push myself and join my partners to try to win stuff. When I'm in the gym I love the ability to release my stress and focus on me.”


Motivation of a heart rate monitor.

“I heavily rely on my Myzone belt to guide my workout when moving through the different zones of pushing my heart rate.

“It has been so gratifying to see the improvement on how I can create the peaks and valleys from high intensity to the relaxed state. It gives me instant feedback that I am working at the right level.”


MEPs for everything, in and out of the gym.

“At home or outdoors, my wife and I love to hike. We need to make more time for it, but we love being able to be challenged with a walk and see the beautiful sights of Minnesota.

“Walking our dog is my second choice. A new puppy during the start of COVID helped us keep active with walking.”


Looking after yourself to look after your family.

“I have always dreamed of being a grandfather. I realised I wasn't taking good enough care of myself to be the best grandpa I could be. With my children getting married, I knew that now was the time to start bettering myself.

“After three years of FXB I can't imagine life without exercise. I'm very excited to be chosen as a winner of this challenge. Getting the award to help pay my membership will allow me to try an additional workout option over and above my FXB sessions.

“I also recently went through training to become certified to instruct weight training using resistance bands. I plan to continue with my certification to become a better instructor helping others to see and feel the value of keeping their bodies moving!


What is the Global MEPs challenge about?

Dana Eccles is a winner of the October 2020 Global MEPs Challenge. Open to all Myzone heart rate monitor users, the challenge could be entered by earning 1300 MEPs throughout the month, with a total prize value of $25,000.


If you want to get involved in the next challenge, see your Myzone app for details or pick the best heart rate monitor for you if you haven't already.

Work Out To Help Out. In these times of uncertainty, exercise makes us feel happy, it reduces anxiety and it keeps us connected. We're stronger together.

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