Global MEPs Challenge winner thanks Myzone for continued encouragement

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Exercising makes me feel better, fills time and prevents me from getting bored. Between 2017 and 2018, with a combination of increased exercise and a healthy diet I lost 39lbs for my son’s wedding. In September 2020, I have the wedding of my best friend's daughter to look forward to. I am determined to not let the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of my gym put paid to my efforts. 

When the lockdown began we invested in a rowing machine and maxi climber. We turned the garage into a temporary gym using these along with a few other smaller pieces of equipment we already had. In addition, I signed up to Les Mills On Demand so I could continue some of the classes I enjoyed at the gym. I also love walking and cycling outdoors.

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The Myzone belt is the encouragement I need to ensure I put the effort in. It would be so easy to just use the equipment, but by using the app I am held accountable for how hard I am working.

When I initially received the email telling me I had won, I didn't believe it. Having received further emails, including one from the CEO in Nottingham, I began to think it could be true. Having made some enquiries I discovered I had indeed won. I am over the moon and cannot believe my luck. 

jill dawson 3Under normal circumstances I would have gone out for a family meal and booked a holiday with the winnings, but as that is not possible we had a take away instead. When the shops are open I intend to buy some new furniture. I cannot thank everyone at Myzone enough, and a special thanks to David Stalker for his intervention.

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