Myzone is a driving force to maintain exercise

By: Nicole Maue

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My main driving force now during isolation is to keep fit and maintain my exercise routine. My wife and I are expecting the arrival of our first baby at the end of the year, so I want to be able to set an example and show it's good to work towards and achieve goals in life.

jeremy_2I have managed to adapt to not being at the gym by recycling an old bike to get it up and running again. Not being able to afford any gym equipment, I managed to make myself some cheap, effective concrete weights that work perfectly for my workouts

I honestly swear by my Myzone device. I had the original MZ-1 that was linked to my gym, but when I moved to city, I gave it up for the newer MZ-3 version that syncs to your phone. I honestly find it impossible to work out without the belt; I train by myself in the city and the product self-motivates me to push myself better and harder every time. 

jeremy_1-1Being a winner of the competition is crazy! I have never won a competition before and am absolutely stoked that I got this prize, especially now while in isolation and currently out of a job, it's so amazing 

I plan to spend this money back within the company and will be buying my wife a band and maybe some accessories for the both of us. Thanks so much to Myzone! 

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