Myzone makes home training during lockdown easy

By: Nicole Maue

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For me, exercise has become a way of life. I get up, get my family organized, and I head to the gym where I have made some amazing friends.

I said to myself a few years ago I was sick of the yo-yo dieting with my weight going up and down and made a commitment to stop that habit.

Lara Charge_1I have done some challenges along the way to keep me on track, but for the most part I’ve had to learn to accept my body for how it is, and I feel a lot happier and content for it. I know I am never going to be a size 8 and I have finally accepted that. I am fit and strong and proud of that. Moderation is the key and I do not go without cheat days here and there, but I do make good choices most of the time.

When I got my Myzone belt it changed my training for sure. It kept me focused and I was able to see what training zone I was in all the time. I did get a bit obsessed at first and putting my belt on has become a daily habit for me now. I definitely do not want to lose all my hard work as I am at gold level now, so I am working to keep my training on track even throughout times like the holidays where I used to let myself go. I felt as though every start of the year I was chasing the damage I had done over Christmas, but no more of that for me, thanks to Myzone.

Lara Charge_2

So, therefore, over this isolation period I made a commitment to myself to keep up my training at home each day. I have no equipment beside my belt and my matt. I started doing the F45 online body resistance training and well let’s just say, it’s keeping me on track. In fact, I’m loving it. I never thought I would do anything at home, and I’m surprised that I don’t even need weights.

Lara Charge_4My Myzone belt has kept me focused and I love being able to see my graph at the end of my workout, or glance up at the screen during it to see where my heart rate is based on how I’m feeling. I could not live without it.

I honestly did not believe the email when I found out I had won. Especially as it is a global competition. What are the chances? It makes me feel proud that I have kept up my training despite the difficult conditions the world is in. The $500 will most likely go toward new a new gym outfit and runners. I love my active wear. Thanks again!

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