Myzone user credits exercise for staying mentally focused

By: Nicole Maue

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Hi, my name is Helen Grant, a dedicated Myzone user from Scotland. Exercising helps keep me mentally focused, so I have found that now as I am working from home, exercising in the morning before starting work helps me to concentrate and stay focused throughout the day. Then I can have a leisurely walk or cycle in the evening knowing I have completed my morning workout.

Image 6 (002)I love seeing all the social media stories of people achieving their goals and trying new exercise routines.  Unit 6 Fitness, Christabel – Personal Training & N.F.M (NICX FIT MIX) have all kept me motivated to continue with online workouts through motivational/helpful videos, and social media messages.

With gyms closed, my treadmill or mini trampoline have become by go-to if I am working out indoors. If outdoors, I stick to jogging, a parkrun, cycling or just a nice walk.

helen grant _4Myzone keeps me motivated as I can see how the other members of Unit 6 Fitness are performing and what workout they are doing, which helps to keep me focused. I am a shocked but delighted to be a winner in the April Challenge. I’m excited to have won the prize money and plan to either buy new trainers, or I would love a pair of Apple Airpods. Thanks again Myzone!

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