Turn your club into a hive of activity! 
MZ-Challenges are a powerful way to engage with your members, create ‘buzz’ in the club and are an effective tool for motivating members, increasing club usage, promoting higher yielding services and generating referrals. MZ-Challenges includes Zone Match.

Overview of





The MZ-Chat is a key feature of the Myzone app that adds a socializing aspect to users workouts where they can chat, share and motivate their friends. MZ-Chat also allows picture sharing and makes chat more visually engaging. It is also ideal for trainers to stay connected with your customers.



MZ-Virtual Classes

With Myzone Virtual Classes you can seamlessly schedule virtual training classes to run automatically at any dedicated Myzone hub to help you minimize studio downtime, maximize value to your members and deliver an expanded timetable. This is ideal to overcome objections from prospects who have limited time. Members do not need to have a Myzone belt to take part in a virtual class however those that do will be able to view their workout tile on the screen and maximize their experience by matching the suggested effort zone with their own throughout the class.


MZ-Class Creator

Get your fitness team involved, make them the Superstars! MZ-Class Creator allows for fitness teams to preset the classes within your facility; trainers can set zone colors to classes and participants will then be motivated to achieve this by color matching within the class.



Myzone E-Commerce wholesale allows operators to purchase replenishment stock on the go making ordering simple. 

Myzone E-commerce retail means that operators do not need to hold inventory and can simply promote a dedicated voucher code to their users, whereby operators can earn commission on all online sales. 


Myzone Facts

Did you know?


Myzone offers operators the opportunity to produce detailed reports from the Myzone Owner dashboard allowing you to identify MEPS achieved per user, engaged users, class success per trainer, user status reports and much more.


Myzone also offers a timer!

Don't waste money buying a timer for your group training classes as Myzone already offer this within the club software.

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