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Introducing the Myzone range of products for a seamless experience.

Myzone have a family of products designed to provide every user with the most effective, motivating and accurate results.



The MZ-3 is an award-winning fitness tracker with 99.4% accuracy to an EKG. The MZ-3 can be used anywhere. It is the perfect wearable for anyone wanting to track their exercise accurately while motivating themselves through community engagement and gamification.

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The MZ-1 provides the same accuracy as the MZ-3, but offers no memory, no analogue and no Ant + capabilities. The MZ-1 has been deliberately defeatured to fit the use case of club operators wanting to bundle the cost of the more affordable device into paid programming. This is particularly beneficial in studio-based classes. The MZ-1 is less suitable for users who exercise outdoors without their smartphone. The MZ-3 & MZ-1 are both perfect fitness heart rate monitors.

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Designed as a retro, classic sports watch for those committed advocates where functionality is key for training.

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Myzone have training gear designed specifically to attach the MZ-1 and MZ-3.

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Sports Bra

Make training more comfortable by wearing a Myzone Sports Bra. With the bra, no additional strap is required! You simply attach your MZ-1 or MZ-3 to the bra itself.

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In Club Solution

The wearable technology solution designed for the Fitness Industry, providing the intelligence to the Operator to deliver a connected experience to all club users.

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