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A message from the CEO

As a club operator, I’d like to think that feedback brought to the Myzone table is taken very seriously. Not only from the perspective of `what might be cool’, but most of all `what will be practical’ in the real world of operating a club. And that’s why our to-do list is never ending as we continue to learn from so many smart

and successful operators from around the globe. So than

k you for sharing your thoughts- they are certainly taken very seriously and I want you to know despite our existing journey that we, as a team are never satisfied, nor complacent.

Ultimately, Myzone is about building a stronger relationship between you and your customers, so if, with the Myzone technology, we can help your members feel good about exercise, then they will exercise more and get results. It’s simple.

So this new release is about helping your users have a better experience and connection with you.

Firstly, we have added the Myzone status’ to the users tile on both the app and also the software screen. Recognising and rewarding adherence to exercise sits at the core of what Myzone is about. So now this will be visible for you, your staff and your members for all to see and celebrate.

Secondly, we have added the ability for a digital membership card to be displayed through the app. Clubs/ users can now save both money and the planet on plastic membership cards and simply show a QR or Barcode to the clubs check in system to gain access. It simply requires a user to input their membership card number into their profile (under settings) and then a Membership Card icon will show on their home screen. This, along with the stand alone class booking feature, allows users to download your clubs white labelled Myzone app and register an account without even having a Myzone belt- taking them one step closer to a deeper Myzone/Club experience.

Thirdly, the user feed and inbox should be quicker and more logical. Like with many social platforms, the data is now streamlined to cache the historical data and only pull down the fresh moves chronologically updated since they were uploaded. So you should never miss that MZ-Chat or pat on the back from a fellow user.

But that’s not all, this release will have UI/ UX and bug fixes throughout.

And most of all, we aren’t finished yet!

So thank you for your feedback, your support and your business. Myzone wouldn’t be what it is today without people like you.

Kindest Regards

Dave Wright
Creator & CEO

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