Myzone's latest technology allow gyms to open to members across the UK

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Myzone has recently launched MZ-Remote - the world's first virtual live group workout allowing participants to connect and exercise together, whilst receiving real-time biometric feedback and personalised coaching from a trainer.

Currently used by 177 gyms across the UK, our pioneering system allows gym operators to host exercise classes for its customers, while remaining shut as per government guidelines.

Members of a facility book onto a workout class via the Myzone app and then connect a wearable Myzone heart-rate monitor before the class begins. Once connected, the live effort performance of each participant is shared with the virtual group which is represented by their colour zone. The unique effort-based reading from our platform offers a simple and effective way for the trainer to coach each individual. For example, if the trainer wants the class to be in the Yellow zone (80-89% of maximal heart-rate) whilst performing burpees, and some people are in the Green zone (70-79% of maximal heart-rate), the coach can target feedback to those individuals and motivate them to push harder to reach the Yellow zone.

MZ-Remote allows members of a gym facility to stay connected to each other even if they are not in the same place. They can see how everyone else is performing in the class, which means they get the same motivation, enjoyment, and competition from their sessions, while working out remotely. This underscores our commitment to making people feel good about exercise and social connectedness, despite physical distancing still being in place.

Sol Gilbert, celebrity Personal Trainer and Founder of Underground Gyms, is adopting this new technology in his facilities and has commented: Our gyms have been closed since the beginning of lockdown and when we do re-open, we will have to cut some of the classes we run on site because the social distancing measures mean we can't physically host the number of people needed to make them financially viable. That is where MZ-Remote really adds value. It will allow us to have up to 100 people in one session working out from the comfort of their own home, while being coached by an instructor. Going forward it means our members can work out wherever they are - even if they go on holiday or travel with work. They'll never have to interrupt their workout routine again.”

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MZ-Remote has made it possible for 177 gyms across the UK to virtually open and to start generating revenue again. For example, Underground Gyms are “in the process of developing a new on-demand subscription service. This will be gifted to people for the first 30 days, but after that they will have to pay for the service, which will give them access to two MZ-Remote sessions a week, live stream classes as well as other content.”  This will also help the gyms continue to employ its personal trainers.

Creator and CEO of Myzone, Dave Wright, comments: “At a time when physical distancing is necessary, it is essential to stay socially connected. We wanted to provide our community with a way to do this through exercise. MZ-Remote differs from other live virtual fitness classes as we do not just simply broadcast our class, we provide personalised coaching to all participants based on their live effort feedback, which everyone else in the workout can also see. The ability to support our gym partners during this period of time to help them motivate their members to stay active is essential and we’re excited to get more gyms across the region on board.”

If you would like to explore how MZ-Remote could improve your member’s virtual workout experience, we would love to hear from you! Click Here to speak with a Myzone team member and get started.

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