Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers, 32, is a busy mom of five children under the age of 10, including twin toddlers, and also works part-time as a waitress. Despite being on a weight-loss program for five years, Amanda hit a plateau and was no longer seeing progress.

A trainer at her gym, Voyage Fitness in Pakenham, suggested she try MYZONE's group heart rate training system, giving her a free belt to try with the option of returning or buying the belt after the trial. 

“As soon as I started wearing the belt it became obvious that although I was going to the gym every day, I wasn't working anywhere near hard enough to achieve my goals. I began to push myself to earn more MEPs and burn more calories in each workout. I couldn’t wait to see my workout summary at the end of each session.”

Group heart rate training with MYZONE helped Amanda lose over 100 pounds but it also alerted her to a potentially life-threatening heart condition. She would regularly feel faint and dizzy after working out but thought nothing of it until her trainer discovered her heart rate rising to 247 beats per minute.

After a number of doctor visits, Amanda was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, an abnormal heart rhythm, which is often characterized by a fast heartbeat. 

“I had to have surgery on my heart to correct the condition.”

Just four weeks after the operation, Amanda was back to her regular workout routine.

“MYZONE saved my life and now, I now feel wonderful after my workouts, instead of faint and dizzy. Thanks MYZONE!”

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