Matthew Robinson

Heart rate tracking with MYZONE has helped get Matthew Robinson in the best shape of his life. The 32 year old from the seaside resort of Blackpool in Lancashire, UK could barely walk a mile at the start of 2014, but 12 months later he is regularly running 10km and is even planning to take part in a marathon.

“I work in the travel industry, which involves lots of time sitting at a desk. I lost four stone a few years ago, but piled it all back on because I’d hit my target and had no more goals to aim for,” says Matthew.

Determined to get into shape, Matthew shed the four stone again as well as another two stone. Realizing he needed something to give him the insights he needed and to motivate him to keep the weight off this time, he joined the Village Urban Resort Blackpool in August, where he was introduced to MYZONE. He was hooked.

“MYZONE allowed me to set my own personal goals and helped me to understand how to work out more effectively to get the most out of my time in the gym,” he says. 

MYZONE has completely transformed the way he exercises, says Matthew: “I use the MYZONE belt in the gym when I’m on the treadmill, rower and cross trainer and also in the BODYPUMP and BODYVIVE classes. But I also wear it outside the gym when I go for runs along the beach.”

“It really has changed how I work out. I was a complete novice before, but thanks to MYZONE I now understand how my body works and how to help it achieve its goals,” he says.

Heart rate tracking using MYZONE's MZ-3 belt changed the way Matthew thought about both fitness and his personal progress in maintaining a healthy weight.

“I’ve never been as physically fit as I am now and I’m convinced that MYZONE will prevent me from putting all that weight back on again.”

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