Zayla Ralph Smith

“MYZONE has made my gym a better club,” says Zayla Ralph Smith. The 47-year-old self-employed mum says the group heart rate monitor system has made Velocity club in Maidstone much more sociable atmosphere.

A former member, Zayla returned to Velocity after two years at another gym to find there was a completely different atmosphere at the club.

“Everyone was using this thing called MYZONE. I really wanted to find out what it was all about so my PT showed me how to use the MYZONE belt and what I needed to do to get into the red zone.”

The group heart rate monitor was a revelation and revolutionized Zayla’s workouts. “I’d got into a bit of a rut with my training, but MYZONE got me back on track. I’m averaging six workouts a week now -four times in the club with a couple of runs outside. I’ve only had my belt for four months and I’m completely addicted.”

MYZONE has helped Zayla improve her eating habits too. “I used to think I could eat as much as I liked as long as I was working out, but MYZONE has helped me manage my calorie intake - I’m eating half as much as I used to and have lost a stone in weight.”

As well as this, MYZONE has uncovered Zayla’s competitive streak. “I used to keep myself to myself in the gym, but I love the MYZONE challenges and want to beat everyone, so much so that I won Member of the Month for earning the most MEPs after only the second month of using it. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved so far and just want to keep doing my best.”

One of the key advantages of MYZONE as a group heart rate monitor is the effect it has had on the club itself, says Zayla: “Velocity is so much friendlier than it was before. People see your name on the MYZONE screen -mine is Ruby P because of my red pumps -and they want to know who you are and you get chatting. I’ve got some good friends here now.”

“I’m so grateful that Velocity installed MYZONE. There’s lots of other fitness tools out there, but they’re nothing compared to MYZONE. Every day is a new challenge for me now and I wouldn’t be without it. MYZONE is the best purchase I could have made with my gym membership.”

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