Shannon explains how to deal with setbacks for fitness and physical activity goals

By: Ben Hackney-Williams

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Embracing the process and understanding how to deal with setbacks is Shannon Ruffalo's secret to remaining motivated with fitness over the long term.

Global MEPs Challenge winner Shannon is a member of Echelon Health & Fitness in the US, and she's shared her story on how to keep working hard and pushing harder.


Staying motivated in the tough times.

“Staying motivated has been hard. There have been setbacks but just setting time aside each day to work out has helped keep me motivated to continue. Once I do the workouts I feel much better and happier that I was able to do it for myself.

“My gym was able to offer online classes with the trainers so I was able to continue doing those at home, which was really nice. Myzone has helped me see how much my heart is working and knowing when I can push a little harder or when I need to give myself a little break.”


Stress relief and strength gains.

“I am working from home now so this is one way to get me out of my house and interact with other people in person rather than just virtually, as well as relieving some stress that have come with these tough times.

“I feel happy about winning. I was never in the mindset of wanting to win the challenge it was more to just give me a reason and motivation to continue working out. I am hoping to just continue to make progress with gaining strength mentally and physically and also stay healthy.”


What is the Global MEPs Challenge about?

Shannon Ruffalo is a winner of the October 2020 Global MEPs Challenge. Open to all Myzone heart rate monitor users, the challenge could be entered by earning 1300 MEPs throughout the month, with a total prize value of $25,000.


If you want to get involved in the next challenge, see your Myzone app for details or pick the best heart rate monitor for you if you haven't already.

Work Out To Help Out. In these times of uncertainty, exercise makes us feel happy, it reduces anxiety and it keeps us connected. We're stronger together.

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