Pat Walsh

MYZONE has helped Pat Walsh overhaul his health and fitness after falling ill one afternoon.

“One day his wife came home from work at lunch and noticed he was very pale, weak and complaining of a headache. She took his blood pressure to find out his pressure had hit the 200’s/120. Being overweight, having pitting edema in his feet and legs, Pat knew his heart was in big trouble,” said his daughter, Cheryl Walsh.

Once his blood pressure had stabilized and he was given the "ok" by doctors, Pat knew he needed to begin exercising more frequently. With the help of his son-in-law, he joined GoodLife Fitness to change his life for the better.

“He just got his MYZONE to help keep track of his workouts, push his workouts and monitor his heart strength as he continues on his fitness journey,” said Cheryl Walsh, “MYZONE has been the perfect tool in helping him take his health to the next level.”

Pat now uses MYZONE to track workout effort by spending a faithful 5 days a week in the gym doing weight and spin classes. He has lost more than 45 pounds over a three-month span of time and is well on his way toward gaining control over his health.

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