Robin McGloughlin

A company director who had not exercised regularly for almost seven years is now cycling 700 miles a month thanks to MYZONE.

“I more or less stopped exercise in 2008 with just a sporadic burst now and then and had not exercised at all since September 2013,” says Robin McGloughlin, sales director of Poolview.

The 52-year-old had helped to launch the company, which manufactures, supplies and installs safe swimming systems for pools, three years ago and since then the business had taken over his life. But in March 2015, he was invited to take part in a MYZONE challenge along with other professionals from the UK health and fitness industry at the Active-Net conference.

“It was the light bulb moment when I decided to get my life back on track and get some balance and more me time,” says McGloughlin about the challenge, which appealed to his competitive nature.

“I had a number of reasons for accepting a MYZONE belt and entering the challenge. I wanted to exercise again and lose weight; I wanted to get my name and the name of Poolview into the domain of those I would meet at active-net and I wanted to win it.”

With a hectic work schedule, lots of travel and working hours that include early morning and late evenings, McGloughlin has no set time to exercise, which made MYZONE a perfect training tool.

“I’d heard of MYZONE, but had always seen it as a gym tool. What appealed to me now was that I could use it away from the gym. I could be sitting in my office at home, look out of the window and see blue sky and just go,” he says.

McGloughlin admits he became addicted to the technology.

“I love technology and comparing data. It got so competitive that my two fellow directors checked the challenge statistics every day. When on a job, I was sent to exercise in the morning before work and then again afterwards because I was told we needed the points. It was great fun and great for networking with others – people I would have struggled to meet on a commercial footing were now speaking with me thanks to MYZONE.”

McGloughlin went on to win the challenge. Six months later, he typically cycles five times a week peddling an average 700 miles each month. He’s also lost more than two stone in weight.

“MYZONE has been a revelation. It’s a superb motivator and I love the way it connects me with others so I’m not exercising on my own.”

Robin had a MYZONE light bulb moment that changed the trajectory of his health and fitness. Share your MYZONE light bulb moments with us using #EffortRewarded

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