Alan and Georgina Colman

By: Myzone

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Husband and wife, Alan and Georgina Colman, used MYZONE technology to help the couple to lose a staggering 231lbs altogether.

Their incredible weight loss journey began in 2012 when Alan decided to tackle his weight once and for all. The 44-year-old started logging his food intake and after adjusting his diet, started to lose 2lbs a week, shedding a total of 56lbs in eight months.

Inspired by her husband’s efforts, Georgina decided to take her own weight in hand. “I’d always struggled with my weight and had tried losing weight, but always found an excuse. I played netball once a week and thought that was enough exercise to make a difference. After not being selected for the netball team because of my weight and lack of fitness, I decided to do something about it.”

After his initial weight loss, Alan realized it had gotten difficult to keep up the progress by calorie counting alone, so the couple joined Village Urban Resort’s Velocity gym in Swindon. When the gym introduced MYZONE, their weight loss journey got even better.

“For us, MYZONE is all about motivation. When you’re in RPM working at 70% of your max heart rate and you see everyone else moving up to the red zone, it makes you put in that extra effort to work as hard as everyone else. I’ve completely fallen in love with MYZONE and use it every day.” -Alan

After losing 154lbs, Alan is now at his target weight and averages nine sessions in the gym a week in addition to playing golf at the weekends. Georgina has also reached her goal losing an impressive 77lbs.

“We have completely changed our lifestyles. We are in better shape physically and also mentally. I’m much sharper at work and there’s no more falling asleep in front of the TV in the evenings.” -Alan.

“It’s so easy to underestimate how much you eat and overestimate how hard you exercise. It came as a bit of shock to realize that I could work flat out in the gym and then blow it all away with a single muffin from Starbucks. MYZONE has helped put me in control of this.”

Georgina: “Our weight loss plan is not a diet, it’s a change of lifestyle that we can easily maintain now that we understand how to do it. We may have the occasional lapse but we know how to keep it in control. MYZONE has made all the difference. We never go anywhere without it.”

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