Cathy Scothern

By: Myzone

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MYZONE's exercise effort tracking technology has changed Cathy Scothern’s life, putting her on the fast track for losing unwanted weight.

“MY BMI classified me as obese. I was unhappy with how I looked and although a confident person generally, I was always quick to change the subject if people spoke about weight and exercise,” said Scothern.

Scothern had tried everything to lose weight – fad diets, running and random classes, but she always found that she gave up after a few sessions. Having been a MYZONE user in the past she decided it was time to dust off her belt and give it another shot.

“My local gym had all the interactive screens up and when I tried Body Combat for the first time I could see how hard I was working (or not as the case was),” said Scothern, “I was then able to see that as I worked harder my heart rate went up and I got the greatest satisfaction out of working harder.”

With the help of MYZONE, Scothern has been a regular face at her local gym for more than a year. So far, MYZONE has helped her lose a total of 2 stones (28 pounds) and she's dropped 2 dress sizes.

“I honestly believe that it’s down to the fact that I could see my heart rate and effort level that I got to the level I am at today, I would recommend MYZONE to everyone,” said Scothern.

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