Emma Tysoe

Self-proclaimed ‘tech geek,’ Emma Tysoe has ditched her Polar Loop Activity Tracker for MYZONE after getting more involved in group fitness, losing inches and seeing notable improvement in her asthma.

Emma, 38, started using MYZONE in June 2014, when the gym she attends in Gaydon, Warwickshire, introduced the technology.

“I love gadgets, especially those for the gym.”

“I wanted to get more involved in group fitness classes, so when my gym took on MYZONE I was keen to start using it.”   

Emma wears her MYZONE belt for her weekly group fitness Spinning, circuit and boxing classes as well as during solo workouts - she even takes it with her on vacation. 

“The belt stores up to 16 hours of exercise data outside the gym, so I worked out while I was on holiday, and uploaded the data in the gym when I got back.”

“I'm not one for winning challenges, but it does feel good to get as high a ranking as some of the guys in the gym -it just makes me want to push myself that bit harder. I might even beat them one day!”

Since working out with MYZONE, Emma has stopped using her other activity trackers.

“With Polar Loop I could see my heart rate, but didn't really understand the different intensity levels and would slow down if my heart rate got too high. With MYZONE, I can see how hard I'm working and also which zone I should be exercising in, which gives me the confidence to work harder.”

Being able to exercise more effectively has improved Emma’s asthma considerably. “I feel fitter and can breathe much easier. I've also lost inches around my waist - my work trousers are falling off me!

MYZONE is an amazing group fitness fitness tool. It has encouraged me to go to the gym much more than I used to and I'm looking forward to using MYZONE to take my fitness to the next level.”

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