Myzone ensures accountability even while remote

Hi my name is Lauren Munroe, I am a member of FFC in the US. Simply put, if I do not workout, I don't feel like my day is complete. Getting a workout in helps me maintain mental clarity during the work day, which is needed even more right now as I am working completely remote. It also helps me feel better overall.

Lauren Monroe (2)

It's important not only for me to look good but more so to feel good. Working out gives me endorphins that lead to an overall more positive day, which is a motivator in itself to continue the routine. My favorite workouts while at home have consisted of online virtual bootcamps, running, and weights. I am a goal-oriented person, so by setting a weekly goal with Myzone, it helps hold me accountable. It's also nice to see how many calories I burn in different workouts.

operation underground railroad

The charity I have chosen to donate my winnings to is Operation Underground Railroad. The founder, Tim Ballard is an inspiring person and the charity works tirelessly to fight Human Trafficking. Becoming a winner of this challenge is so exciting! I love being a part of this community! I’m planning to save my prize money for a time when I can travel again! 


Remember to use the hashtag #myzonemoves when you post your workout pics, and to add a photo with your move in your Activity Calendar.

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