Myzone provides accountability, even during lockdown

My driving force to exercise comes from having an 18-month-old Australian Cattle dog that has way too much energy and always needs exercising.

Throughout this lockdown, I’ve been really lucky to have held my job, so my routine hasn’t changed too much. Your Health and Fitness (my gym), have been amazing with basically putting the gym “online” through all social channels and putting up live videos of workouts while also live chatting with us, and just trying to hold us all accountable despite the gym being closed.

tazzieI hate running, but I do it, and myself and my young (and older!) dog have been out and about lots lately. I have found that running is much easier than trying to do a workout at home, and it gets the dogs burning energy to, so a win win!

Myzone holds me accountable for the effort I put in and does not let me hide if I’m slacking off. Even out running, the minute my heart rate comes down, my feet must go faster again to get back on track.

Tazzie_1When I found out from Pete (owner of my gym), that I had won the challenge, I was on my way back to Melbourne from Sydney (I’m a truck driver) and I didn’t believe him, I thought he was just calling to check in and have a joke and laugh, so I was convinced he was having a joke with me. I was definitely shocked and really excited that out of everyone in the globe, I was a winner - just wow!

Tazzie_4This pandemic has caused me to cancel my travel plans as I am supposed to be in America on Holiday right now. I’m excited to use my winnings to first buy Pete a slab of beer for being the great gym owner that he is and pushing me to my limits without letting me slack off. The rest I’ll put away to go towards when I can travel again. Thanks Myzone!

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