User credits Myzone for helping him achieve goals

Hi my name is Irvin Magno, I am a member of New Bodies Gym in the UK. My driving force to exercise stems from my dream to be a world champion boxer. I am hungry to achieve my goals for my family and late father, so my motivation is stronger than ever despite the pandemic.

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I love high intensity sprint training and also long-distance off-road running. These have become my go-to workouts while at home. Myzone has been vital in tracking my calories and heart rate goals that I want to achieve in each session. The social aspect of the app is also awesome. It helps me keep my motivation high because I can see others working so hard.

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My chosen charity is to Myeloma UK. This charity helps people affected by the disease that took my father.

Everyday since he left has driven me to train hard and work towards goals as well as help others train towards their goals. Being a winner in this challenge feels like the perfect reward after putting in so much hard work over lockdown. Also fitting, the day I found out I was a winner was the day my dad passed, so both me and the charity I choose received our rewards! I plan to use my prize money to purchase fight and training equipment to help me get to my goals faster. Thankyou Myzone!


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