Performance and panoramic Swiss views, with PRIME TIME fitness

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Thursday, 27 July 2023

East of Bern, Switzerland, PRIME TIME fitness has a unique training atmosphere and panoramic views, spread across two floors with 1500m² of training space and an additional 80m² outdoor training area.

Ex-ice hockey pro and Swiss national player, Dominic Meier, looks back on opening the 14th PRIME TIME fitness, giving us insights on what makes his club so successful.

“Every member gets an MZ-Switch heart rate monitor”

“PRIME TIME fitness focuses on the highest quality. I see the biggest difference to conventional fitness offers in the personal support provided by highly qualified personal trainers who work closely with Myzone.

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“We look after our members from day one and accompany them as closely as they want during their training. Every new member is entitled to three supervised training sessions at the beginning.

“We give every member a Myzone Switch when they sign a contract. We also instruct every member on how Myzone works, including installing the app.

PRIME TIME fitness gym space, with exercise machines and free weights

"As a result, members wear their Switch during their training sessions with us, so that they can see their effort on any of the 18 screens in the gym.

“We do a body analysis, set goals together, create a training plan, and instruct the person on all the equipment. Members connecting with their personal trainer or other members to challenge each other to motivate themselves is a win-win situation for us all.”

“Myzone brings enormous added value”

“We were closely supported by Myzone staff from the first consultation to the go-live. As a result, the entire introduction went absolutely smoothly and without incident. Our Myzone system has been running flawlessly since day one.

Dominic Meier in PRIME TIME fitness on an exercise machine

“Myzone brings enormous added value, especially for our intensive coaching concept. For our beginners, the easy handling and the simple readability with the coloured tiles is an ingenious tool for their training.

“They get to know the advantages of heart rate training in the simplest way. Our experienced and ambitious members love the challenge – who collects more points, who burns more calories during training, and other drives for physical activity.

“We’ve received a lot of envious feedback. Since we were one of the first in Switzerland to use Myzone, the interest of other studio owners is very high. Many come to our club and take a close look at the system. I'm excited to see how it develops.”

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