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Community, challenges, and accountability for every gym member.

The Training app

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The effort tile

Gym members can see their live effort and heart rate, track Myzone Effort Points, and monitor calorie burn. Just like on gym screens, the live tile displays real-time feedback for every individual.

Your effort tile

The newsfeed

Get to know your community. Connect your class participants, see their progress in your feed, and give them props for progress, wherever they’re working out.


Community chat

Connect individuals with their personal trainers, friends, team, or message one-to-one with contacts in private group chats.


Turn exercise into a game

Create Myzone challenges with leaderboards that gym members can track through the app. Watch them compete, progress, and see the positive effects of healthy competition.


Your PT in their pocket

With hours of activities, you can coach from afar and in the gym. Pick from heart rate Zone Match challenges, cardio sessions, full body workouts, or choose your bespoke ways for anyone to get active with your brand. Set the bar high for members to move in and out of your club.

Your workout app
The app and device are easy to use. I'm a pretty simple guy, so I'm sure there's more features than I use.
John Evans
Personal trainer
Excellent way to stay motivated and compete with friends! Definitely my most used fitness app and accessory.
Sarah Wilson
Myzone user
I absolutely love the Myzone app and belt. It feels very rewarding to get a report card at the end of every move, and the goal orientation to achieve different levels is exactly what other fitness apps are missing.
Jack Harper
Myzone user
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