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Making the difference with Myzone

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Myzone's tile screen as an impressive focal point in UFC GYM

Connectivity with technology at UFC GYM.

Creating visibility outside of the club and healthy competition in it, Myzone works with UFC GYM to create connectivity across their membership.

“We went out and invested into mics, better music, and Myzone. We’re doing this globally now. Coaches can now have, in their Myzone family, all of their clients, and connect with them on a much broader level.”

Adam Sedlack, UFC GYM president. 

Challenges that lead to results at Thrive.

At Thrive Gyms personal training, Myzone has helped to cement a competitive culture around participation, rather than just highest points earned. Every month since opening they’ve hosted a challenge, offering prizes to recognise member achievements.

“Members love the challenges and are really supportive of other members. All in all, we know that, by using Myzone, our members are much more engaged.”

Jon Kohn, Thrive Gyms. 

A personal trainer at Thrive with two clients.
Myzone bringing a strong sense of community for gym members at Snap Fitness.

Strong sense of community resonating throughout Snap Fitness.

Snap Fitness have created an environment with Myzone where they foster a sense of belonging and connection. This ensures gym members feel supported, motivated, and valued.

“One of the most prevalent bit of feedback we receive from our members is their reliance on Myzone belt during their training sessions. They say that, without the belt, their workouts feel incomplete and lack validation.”

Scott Walker is head of fitness at Snap Fitness. 

Bootcamp class goals are strong at Refuel.

Myzone not only helps Refuel Bootcamp staff spot when a member lapses so they can reach out, but class MEP targets ensure everyone’s working to their goal and motivated so attendance doesn’t become a concern.

“We post on MZ-Chat all the time and are constantly communicating with members. Everyone wants to feel part of something, and Myzone ties that into what we are doing here at Refuel.”

Jersey Giambrone, founder of Refuel Bootcamp. 

An indoor bootcamp powered by Myzone at Refuel.
PRIME TIME fitness, where every member gets a Myzone MZ-Switch included in their membership.

How to help members from day one with PRIME TIME fitness.

Members at PRIME TIME fitness find understanding heart rate training easy thanks to Myzone’s coloured tiles on the 18 screens in the gym. Baking heart rate monitors into the cost of a membership means staff can accompany every member on their fitness journey from day one.

“We give every member a Myzone Switch when they sign a contract. We also instruct every member on how Myzone works, including installing the app.”

Dominic Meier, PRIME TIME owner. 

Group exercise studio success with Blaze classes at David Lloyd.

Blaze is David Lloyd’s full body workout for a cardio challenge combined with strength, boxing and martial arts skills, all tracked by Myzone wearables and displayed on screens in the studio.

“When members understand effort levels, it makes all the difference. Myzone is an amazing guide to know where you should be, but also so that you know how to bring it down.”

Jodie Powell, group ex supervisor at David Lloyd Raynes Park. 

David Lloyd's Blaze studio class, tracked by Myzone.