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Get more from your hard work with clients.

Speak to the team and see what Myzone can do for you.

Myzone for personal trainers

Inspire your clients to move, move more, and keep moving for life. When Myzone is embedded into your PT offering, you can drive an inclusive culture of accountability, healthy habits, and safe training that lasts.

Myzone for PT

Help clients to stay accountable

As a personal trainer, you can use Myzone to keep clients accountable to their training, to measure their performance, and to add gamification to every workout. Understanding the effort they put in and earning rewards along the way keeps clients sticking to their goals for longer.

Myzone increases member visits

"We use Myzone during every session to help effectively coach our members to get the most out of the session. That doesn’t mean always pushing, but rather educating effort levels and helping with recovery. It helps members understand how to effectively train for different types of sessions from personal training to our fitness classes."

Jon Kohn
Co-founder of Thrive group personal training gym
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