Heart rate training simplified

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Through accurate heart rate tracking and real-time feedback, all effort counts.

Join the movement of movement.

Positive change that lasts


Myzone connects the world through movement, where all effort counts.

Whether you’re considering the reasons to start heart rate training or in search of advice for a beginner gym routine, wearable tech, the Myzone app, and rewarding your effort will offer you:

• Accountability
• Connection
• Healthy habits
• Positive intent
• Enjoyment

Myzone creates positive behaviour change


“Myzone is absolutely brilliant. It holds me accountable. Achieving results and getting the most MEPs just keeps me motivated.”

Danielle Jordan-Taft



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Contact support or submit a question via the Help section of the Myzone app.

What is Myzone?

Using heart rate monitors, in-gym screens, and a free training app, Myzone creates connected fitness experiences powered by personal effort, accurate tracking, and real-time feedback.




Motivate each other and make new friends through a love of exercise.




Keep to your goals and create positive wellbeing habits that last.




Achieve more by earning MEPs, the measurement for everybody.

heart rate monitors


Heart rate monitors

Choose your wearable, on your chest, arm, wrist, or use a smart watch.

Training app


Training app

Use the Myzone app to record your effort in or out of the gym.



In the gym

Join the fun in class or on the gym floor with your tile on-screen.

How does Myzone work?

Earn your Myzone Effort Points. 

Effort is different for all of us, so when we work out, we should be rewarded for what we put in. MEPs are tailored to how hard your heart is working, not just your fitness level or ability, and they're based on your individual heart rate zones.

effort is different for all

What are the heart rate zones?

Maximum heart rate


Your heart rate, your workout.

Calculated from your individual heart rate data, your effort is split into five zones, and each zone represents a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Every time you move, you’ll earn MEPs for every minute you’re in a zone.

light grey


The Light Grey Zone

is under 50% of Max Heart Rate, where you get 0 MEPs per minute



The Grey Zone

is between 50-59% and will earn you 1 MEP per minute



The Blue Zone

is 60-69% for 2 MEPs per minute



The Green Zone

is go time! At 70-79% you’ll get 3 MEPs per minute



The Yellow Zone

is more of a challenge at 80-89% with 4 MEPs earned per minute



The Red Zone

tops out at 90-100%, also for 4 MEPs per minute

If your MHR changes over time, Myzone updates this automatically to

guarantee your data stays personal to you. 

Forget what you know about fitness

We’ve levelled the playing field, and everyone’s invited to play. Myzone is a unique heart rate monitor – it doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted. It measures the effort put in by you. 

This means beginners can take on gym bunnies and come out on top. 

We’ve levelled the playing field

Create positive habits that make the difference

create positive habits


After Myzone calculates your max heart rate from the moment you start training, it's your workout.  

When you work out, Myzone works for you. By splitting your max heart rate into the five zones, every minute you're moving, you're earning the points that keep you active for longer.  

Not only that, but working to your maximum as a percentage means that everyone is equal in how hard they're exercising. Everyone can experience the same activity together, competing and celebrating every effort as a community.

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