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Attract more members, fill your classes, and engage your community.

Unite people in movement for longer, with fitness tracking software, hardware and wearables.

Why Myzone?

Myzone is your shortcut to creating connected fitness experiences. Powered by accurate heart rate tracking and
real-time feedback, it's now also available on Apple and Android smart watches.

Myzone increases session visits by 33%. More people in your gym more often means they're more likely to tell their friends to join in the fun.

How do I get set up?

Myzone provides you with heart rate monitors for your members, software and display screens for your gym, and the Myzone app to keep your community connected.

Getting set up is simple, and we can guide you through the product packages and specification that will make your space work as hard as you do.

What will Myzone bring to my business?




Unite your members and staff on a platform that rewards their hard work.




Everyone holding each other accountable creates positive wellbeing habits that last.




Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) is an inclusive measurement that rewards every ability.

heart rate monitors


Heart rate monitors

Pick from a range of accurate wearables that drive health and wellness goals.

Training app


Training app

Members can work out anywhere. You gather insights from them in and out of the gym.



Myzone screens

Display effort in real-time to engage members in classes and on the gym floor.

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Myzone and your gym members

Wearables that reward every ability.

When a gym member works out, they should be rewarded for what they put in. Through their Myzone wearable or smart watch, members earn Myzone Effort Points for every minute they're moving. The number of points earned depends on which heart rate zone they're working in as a percentage of their maximum heart rate. Calculated from their Myzone device, these MEPs are tailored to how hard any individual's heart is working; not just their fitness level.

effort is different for all of us
maximum heart rate_2


Tech to train effectively and safely.  

Bright display screens give real-time feedback on the effort of your members in the gym. Behind the scenes, the admin portal offers insights over time to identify trends so that you can celebrate the wins or support unengaged members and get them back on track. Combined, Myzone software and hardware keeps your community training safely and efficiently, so everyone can achieve more.

What are the heart rate zones?

Heart rate zones are a way of understanding how hard someone is working during physical activity.
From an individual's maxmimum heart rate, Myzone automatically calculates the zones, assigns a colour for
easy identification, and rewards every minute of exercise in that zone with Myzone Effort Points.

light grey


The Light Grey Zone

is under 50% of max heart rate
0 MEPs per minute



The Grey Zone

is between 50-59%
1 MEP per minute



The Blue Zone

is between 60-69%
2 MEPs per minute



The Green Zone

3 MEPs per minute



The Yellow Zone

4 MEPs per minute



The Red Zone

4 MEPs per min

Receive personalised onboarding from the Myzone team, guiding you through the set-up process and providing best practice tips to ensure that you're feeling confident from the get-go.

Gain actionable insights from your Myzone portal and discover who in your community is actively engaging with you. Seeing their workout frequency and effort helps you identify which members need an extra nudge of encouragement, ensuring you can provide them timely support and keep everyone engaged and motivated for longer.

We’ve a number of ways to get in touch, including: our FAQs page, customer support form, and communication with your own account manager.

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