New member engagement: creating connection

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Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Terry Woods, VP of Sales, joined Club Solutions to talk through three key strategies for engaging members and retaining staff – two key problems seen in the industry.  

Strategy 1: Create Connection

Connect with members 24/7

From likes to comments, connecting with your members makes them more likely to work out.

If there’s one area where technology can really impact your business, it’s allowing you to consistently connect with prospects and your members.

It’s especially important to connect with people when they are active outside of your facility. If not, you’re losing more than 50% of your ability to connect.

We’ve seen Myzone customers teach a class and then, going one step further, hold their team accountable to at least four engagements per class with their membership base through likes and comments etc. Why? Because it’s incredibly powerful.

Our data shows that the simple act of being connected and engaging greatly increases the likelihood of someone working out:

Social liking

The above, clearly evidences why you need to get your trainers and staff to connect with people’s workouts and their activity, in and outside of your facility.

Heather Maio from New York Sport & Fitness has a phrase for the social connection she has with her members via Myzone – she calls it Facebook fitness.

“It is painfully easy to engage with members on there. I’m not in the gym every day, but I still get to be in touch my members every single day simply by liking their workouts.

And that encouragement from me and all the trainers has had more benefit that I thought it would. People come up to me and say, “Hey, I really appreciate your comment.” It’s been huge to keep folks motivated. It really does make a difference, especially when somebody is just starting out or hits that goal.”

Keen to hear more? Take a read of strategy two, Accountability, and strategy three, Challenge.

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