Legend Successfully Boosted Employee Activity with Myzone

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Legend has successfully boosted employee activity levels by investing in Myzone gaming tech. "The fitness industry tends, by and large, to keep fit people fitter – the challenge is adapting our offering to appeal to and include all people,” says Myzone CEO Dave Wright. It’s a challenge that the leisure industry has long been eager to address, as obesity levels continue to rise in the UK and beyond. As a technology company involved in the health and fitness industry, Legend recognized that Myzone’s wearable training technology and game-based platform presented an opportunity to lead by example by promoting better health and wellbeing amongst its employees, whilst creating a strong corporate team culture. Sean Maguire, managing director of Legend Club Management Systems explains, “We saw the Myzone initiative as a way of creating an advantage for our staff that was aligned with our corporate values. As a software provider, a large proportion of Legend’s staff are software engineers who spend their working days behind computer screens. We understood that without addressing their motivational triggers, providing subsidized gym memberships or wearable apps would not necessarily deliver the level of support required to motivate and achieve something truly sustainable.”

Social and Inclusive

Making exercise social and inclusive was seen as crucial for creating staff interest and building a long term sense of community. It was with this rationale in mind that Legend turned to the Myzone platform rewards program. The initiative provides a game-based platform and social experience in addition to bespoke and responsive user targets. By creating a personal handicap based on an individual’s maximum heart rate, greater effort is rewarded, which means everyone competes on a level playing field. Myzone also encourages competition with other users through cloud-based challenges via a web-based account and app. Myzone effort points (MEP) leaderboards inspire individuals to train harder. “Myzone has had a hugely positive impact on us all,” says Maguire. “It has helped propel our employees into physical activity. Overall, I’m delighted with the result.”

Real Results

Through the symbiotic relationship of Legend and Myzone, many Legend staff have been transformed from infrequent exercisers to highly motivated individuals who now set and achieve their personal health goals. Adam Brailsford, senior database administrator, at Legend says, “In addition to competing with each other, Myzone ensures that we can make good personal progress in the types of activities that aren’t necessarily easy to monitor without the belts.” Since joining the Myzone rewards programme, Benedict Lindley, first line support engineer, has started running marathons; two star performers have logged incredible weight losses of over four stones each, and Legend’s workforce has consistently attained the average individual 1,300 MEPs required to hit the World Health Organisation’s physical activity guidelines - equating to 24,988 MEPs across the company or approximately 6,240 calories per person per month. Through its Myzone initiative, Legend has proven that positive behavioral change can be achieved, and that community-led evolution in attitudes to exercise and fitness can be nurtured and encouraged.

For more information on Myzone visit www.myzone.org

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