4 ways to build a socially connected community

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Physical activity has become more than just about fitness. As someone with the power to keep people moving and healthy, now is the time to do as much as you can for your community.

Myzone community gym screen

The four tips below will give you an idea of how Myzone can bring your gym members together and keep them with you for longer. If you’d like to speak more about embracing the opportunities we have, please get in touch.

Communicate on a deeper level.

It’s no longer just about people working out in the gym. Give your members options and alternatives. Embrace digital platforms.

Keep your data accurate.

The MZ-Switch chest strap has a heart rate accuracy of 99.4% and the PPG wrist sensor has 95% accuracy. Give your members access to the best wearable technology.

Reward everyone’s effort.

Myzone rewards effort not fitness, motivating everyone to work harder. Myzone creates a handicap for every user, based on their maximum heart-rate, which means members can have fun competing with anyone on a level playing field.

Make physical activity sociable.

Myzone has its own social media network. Use it to follow friends, analyse workouts, then ‘like’ or comment on their efforts to stay connected - whether you are competitive or love collecting those likes to keep you moving.

Together we are stronger, with an unbeatable connected experience.

You can’t buy loyalty. Together, we can build it.

Engage with your community, anywhere, for longer. Learn more about the Myzone club experience.

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