Fitness Test 2.0: Measure, maintain and improve with Myzone

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Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Measure, maintain and improve fitness with the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0.  

Designed specifically for Myzone to PhD level, teaming up with some of the world’s leading sports scientists at Loughborough University, the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0 is one of the most accurate ways to assess your cardio vascular fitness.

Why choose the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0?

Combine the time-served science of VO2 Max assessments with the effort-rewarding approach of Myzone heart rate training.

Individuals can share their fitness score with their Myzone friends, or post their test results on social and compete to beat each other.

What is the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0?

VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can intake, which is often used to measure the endurance or cardio fitness of individuals.

With the Myzone app and a heart rate monitor, the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0 uses scientific approaches and processes developed by the world leading Loughborough University, designed specifically for the Myzone chest sensors.

The Myzone app displaying how to access the Fitness Test 2.0

The test comprises a staged Zone Match over a 12-minute time period that can be performed on any piece of cardio kit. Simply match the colours within the given times and the patent-pending algorithm takes care of the rest.

Results of the test will give individuals a VO2 Max Score, a Fitness Age, and a normative age/sex comparison using ACSM Friend equations. Find out more about VO2 Max and how you can improve yours.

Who is the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0 for?

For the fitness professional, trainer or coach, test and compare the results of your community, clients or team over time, backed by some of the leading fitness professionals in the world from Loughborough University.

Instil a healthy sense of competition as you encourage individuals to beat their own scores and motivate them to train for continual improvement.

For the individual, discover your current level of fitness and compare with your friends. Then, train to improve your score and see who comes out on top.

Working to increase your VO2 max can not only up your endurance and stamina, but will improve your overall health and reduce risk of conditions such as heart disease.

Download the Myzone app and discover what the Myzone Fitness Test 2.0 test can bring to your training.


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