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How to build a socially connected community

Myzone is bringing fun, fair fitness to clubs and gyms around the world. Reward effort over image with an immersive fitness experience that gives your people results they can see. Stay connected, organise challenges and create your own community, no matter where your members work out.

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Making heart rate training simple at Cherry Creek Athletic Club

Creating a community feel that engages everyone at W10

Finding focus and fun for any age at Coombe Wood School

You can’t buy loyalty


But you can build it. The numbers don’t lie – Myzone boosts club visits by 33% and keeps members around 24% longer.

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More motivation guaranteed


Myzone transforms tame group training sessions. Add a competitive edge with live workout data your members can see on the big screen.

Give in-the-moment feedback and watch as beginners race ahead of gym bunnies and go for their goals. No more hiding at the back, your members are fighting for the front spot now.

Talk to us today about boosting your business with Myzone

Talk to us today about boosting your business with Myzone

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