What is the In Club Solution?

The In Club Solution is the package that operators purchase to implement within the club environment. There are two ways you can set up the Myzone System within your facility.

1. It comprises of a Stick PC

2. It comprises of a touchscreen which is ideal for trainers who would like to interface with the Myzone menu before, during or after a workout.

Both options require a Receiver, License fee and MZ-3 or MZ-1 modules.


How the Myzone system works in club?


 Connect the receiver (MZ-R) to one of the USB ports on the Myzone hub.


 Attach the receiver to the wall at least 8 Ft (2.5Mt) high using the template and screws provided.


 Ensure the receiver is in full view & forward facing to your Myzone users.

4. Here’s what you need to know:

• The receiver must be connected to the Myzone hub at all times.
• Ensure the receiver can be seen, do not place in drop down celling or behind the TV.
• Typically, one receiver per room is required.


In Club Software

The In Club Software delivers the in-house screen or screens and a backend management dashboard providing clear and intuitive visual data. By using the management platform the setting of challenges, scheduling classes and overall customization can occur. This provides operators with the ability to review all users who are registered to the club and have an MZ-1 or MZ-3.


Reporting and Tracking Activity

The Myzone system allows operators to clearly run reports, determine trends, drop-offs and produce an array of reports to ensure Myzone is a success.




The Screen

Myzone recommends using a 60" monitor to display the Myzone platform. Up to 99 tiles can be displayed on a screen at one time. Myzone supports the ability to connect multiple screens via a HDMI splitter.



This aids operators to distribute devices without holding stock. The price to customers is determined by the Club in order to develop revenue from the Myzone solution.




Making Myzone a Success

Myzone support operators with an onboarding process that involves account management, learning videos, marketing and all the direction you need to make it succeed.

Implementing Myzone

A full suite of videos and a clear step by step guide has been developed over time to ensure clubs successfully integrate Myzone effectively and all with support of Myzone at every stage.



There is plenty of marketing collateral and support available to all Myzone clubs via our Myzone Club portal.



Myzone has a strong social following for Operators and users.


What is the In Club Solution?

What is the In Club Solution?  The In Club Solution is the package that operators purchase to implement within the club environment.

It comprises of a Receiver, License fee and MZ-3 or MZ-1 modules.

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