MZ-Book is designed for clubs that do not have a booking app or online booking system. The seamless booking experience for customers allows for clubs to help manage bookings and a Myzone class setup in one place. MZ-Book is an option for clubs that want to promote Myzone and encourage customers to join the Myzone community within the club.


MZ-Fitness Test

MZ-Fitness Test is a fun feature that is designed to help users monitor their fitness over a period of time. It is a feature within the Myzone ecosystem that can be found within the Myzone In Club Solution and the App. The result users get is simply the number of beats their heart drops within a 1 minute (period) at the end of the test. For the first 14 minutes, the test takes you through the zones, the last 1 minute requires you to stop exercising and let your heart slow down. Once more than one MZ-Fitness Test has been recorded, users will begin to see historic data.






MZ-Body Scan

The MZ-Body Scan is a revolutionary feature offered to existing Myzone facilities. It simply takes a 360-degree view creating a 3D avatar of a customer with accurate measurements. It is a sophisticated way to view before and after images of your customer's progression and exercise commitment with visually stimulating results.





Myzone has created MZ-Motion to ensure that every move counts. The MZ-Motion, when clicked on the myzone app starts recording users consistent movements. It's perfect for when users can't wear their MZ-1 or MZ-3 belt; however, it is not a replacement of the MZ-1 or MZ-3 as no MEPs are received for MZ-Motions.






MZ-Instruct is a feature that brings a new dynamic to a class, promoting engagement with the Myzone screen and allowing the instructor to focus on form and class motivation, while following a preset class designed by the club or trainer themselves. Customers will be able to follow simple onscreen videos whilst being coached and motivated within a class setting.




Myzone will be available on the equipment consoles by working with the leading cardiovascular equipment suppliers. Myzone users simply need to touch the Myzone symbol on the cardiovascular equipment consoles and login to their Myzone account and use the console as their smartphone, setting up their Zone Match, Interval or stopwatch feature.






MZ-20 Home Scale

The Myzone MZ-20 Scales provides seamless live data delivering feedback from within your home, as often as required. It is ideal for people wanting to manage and understand their weight, body fat, muscle mass and many more features. The MZ-20 is a sleek, digital and Bluetooth enabled scales available in two colors designed to work directly with the Myzone app.



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