Every incidental movement you perform matters.

Introducing the MZ-Motion



Myzone has created MZ-Motion to ensure that every incidental movement you perform is recorded. By utilizing the accelerometer and movement of your phone, every minute that the phone is in motion i.e walking will equate to one MZ-Motion, giving you an overall picture of your non-exercise activity time.

MZ-Motion is ideal to help take the first step to measuring activity without the need for a wearable device. It's also a fantastic tool for those who are Myzone users and who want to gain extra detail about their non-exercise activity.

MZ-Motion can be found in the calendar and is presented alongside your MEP activity in the Myzone App. All you need is the Myzone App (you will not need the Myzone app open), MZ-Motion points do not convert to MEPs.

Remember to still wear your MZ-1 or MZ-3* when performing exercise, to gain your MEPs and to receive the most accurate and relevant results.

*MZ-Motion will not replace your MZ-1 or MZ-3 and the MZ-Motion does not read your heart rate, it simply uses the phone movement.