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More engagement.
More tiles on screens. 
More smart watch insights.

Unlock the benefits of Myzone, now on Apple and Android smart watches, with MZ-Open.

What is MZ-Open?


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MZ-Open allows gym members to access the Myzone ecosystem from their Apple or Android smart watch. By providing this access, you will be turning a competitive force into a complementary advantage, building a bigger community of Myzone users that stay with you for longer.

Whether a gym member is using an Apple, Android, or Myzone device, MZ-Open means you can start rewarding every effort. 

Invite your members to download the Myzone app, subscribe to MZ-Open, and get active.


Engage more of your community, guarantee

more member tiles on your screens, and

access new insights from smart watch owners.

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Add value for members

Not only will you offer a fully connected fitness experience for all members, you'll give it to them without the need for a new device. 

Increase your inclusivity

Increase your inclusivity

MZ-Open means more motivation, more movement, and more MEPs for more people  increasing club engagement and club penetration.

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Unite your community

Give your smart watch community and Myzone member base the opportunity to work out and achieve together as part of a shared experience.

Improve your visibility

Learn from more data

Understand the habits of more of your members wherever they’re moving, even without a Myzone device. 

Easy access

Easy access to Myzone

Offer gym members immediate access to your challenges and classes, from their chosen device.

Speak to a member of the team to learn more about MZ-Open.

Instil accountability.
Inspire activity.
Invite connection.

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More for your smart watch owners 



Joining the experience is easy   

Once set up with MZ-Open, your members simply scan the QR code on your gym screen to display their live tile alongside the rest of your class. 



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A shared experience catches on

Myzone Effort Points level the playing field for the whole class. When everyone can sweat together and earn MEPs, instead of fretting over steps, exercise becomes about effort not ability, keeping individuals motivated for longer.



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Bring people together   

Being part of a bigger wellbeing community with no divisiveness means that everyone can share their journey of physical activity as one. Remove the barriers and keep gym members achieving with you for longer.



inclusive fitness monitoring





Drive new potential for your gym members 

Fill your classes, and embrace better visibility of your community. Unlocking access to MZ-Open brings member wellbeing benefits that will raise your game for inclusivity and member accountability, while also bolstering your business and boosting your bottom line.




3 steps to granting MZ-Open access-1
3 steps to granting MZ-Open access for your members
5 Steps to get moving with MZ-Open
5 Steps to get moving with MZ-Open
5 steps to syncing to screens
5 steps to syncing to screens

Learn more about MZ-Open in your club and for your members.

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