What is MZ-REMOTE?
MZ-Remote is a live virtual gym training tool that displays the heart rate feedback of all participants on one screen, no matter where they choose to workout. Transform your member's homes into a virtual at-home class experience, complete with real-time effort feedback.
MZ-Remote offers a unique solution when paired with Zoom streaming platform. The instructor hosting the class is able to monitor the collective effort of everyone within the session and provide encouragement to participants using the feedback derived from the colour zones.
Participants will be able to enjoy the in class experience complete with an instructor, and see each other’s real-time effort feedback on their screen, encouraging increased competition, motivation and results.
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Book a Class in the App

Your members will be able to book into virtual classes using the MZ-Book feature within the Myzone app. From the main menu, they select Book a Class then select Timetable then can choose from a list of classes to reserve their spot. The user can manage bookings in the app; view upcoming classes, favorites, rebook, or cancel bookings. Please note that members must book prior to the class time as they will not be able to join the class after it has started.

Join the Class

Five (5) minutes before the beginning of the class, members should put their belt on and launch the Myzone app on their mobile device. A push notification will appear on their app prompting class participants to join, this will take them directly to the Workout section, automatically connecting to the video stream.

Monitor Live Effort Tracking

Participants will be able to view the instructor and live-board on their mobile device. They can also toggle between their personal tile and the live-board, or choose to not display their effort on the live-board, directly within the app.

Replicate the Studio Experience 

Alternatively, participants can screen mirror the Myzone app to the big screen for an improved experience.


With MZ-REMOTE you can...


"The pioneering system allows Myzone users to connect and workout together on one screen, and uniquely, the platform incorporates live heart-rate feedback as well as bespoke coaching for all participants. This underscores the company’s commitment to social connectedness despite physical distancing still being in place during lockdown." - What Mobile



Take a look at some helpful articles we've prepared for you, your staff, and members to help you get started.



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"Now all Myzone users can use the innovative system to connect and workout together. The benefit of the shared feedback on the screen allows for competitiveness which leads to greater encouragement and motivation, just like in a real class. " - OxGadgets


We're here to help, so if you have any questions, or would like to explore how MZ-Remote could improve your member's virtual workout experience we would love to hear from you.  

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