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What is Myzone?

Myzone is a heart rate technology tool that supports lifetime movement goals based on the World Health Organization's guidelines for physical activity. Using wearables, with innovative hardware and software, Myzone adapts to individual needs to keep staff healthy, complement training regimes, offer wellbeing insights to coaches, improve safety, and aid in patient recovery.

How does Myzone work?

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve. We offer a full proposal of how Myzone can best support your organisation, civic and civil services, GSA and non-GSA departments, or medical professionals, through accurate heart rate technology and a community app.

Woman putting on a Myzone heart rate monitor

Why does Myzone work?

Through an interchangeable heart rate monitor, every individual's effort, heart rate and calories burned are monitored via the Myzone app or a live screen in a facility. This real-time feedback provides you insight on the physical activity of staff, whether they’re in the gym, outdoors, or at home, helping you to keep your people healthy, while helping them to hold themselves accountable for the long term.

Man outside looking at the Myzone app

Stay connected through
the app

Stay connected through the app

Measure what matters and workout wherever you want, with a community that’s with you every MEP of the way.

Additional Myzone features

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